Hydronic Heating Choices for Vancouver Commercial, Institutional, Strata Buildings

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New technologies in the past 20 years have afforded numerous options to accommodate various styles of buildings with an assortment of options for the mechanical engineer.

New equipment mechanical efficiencies coupled with the advancement in electronic controls and algorithms extend the boundaries for equipment to operate within.

Direct digital control permits monitoring of systems to operate, diagnose, and manipulate to formulate efficiencies.

With the need for energy efficiency and LEED building requirements new energy-efficient systems are now becoming the norm in every new building constructed.

Glass Commercial Building

Categories of Hydronic Heating Systems

There are many types of new systems and combinations and variances thereof that can accommodate many building designs. The following are the categories of systems.

  • Steam
  • Boiler
  • Mechanical Heat Pump

Steam Systems

Steam has long been the method of heating buildings.
Boilers produce steam for cast iron radiators.
Steam can also be provided by a central heating plant that serves many buildings.

Boiler Systems

Boilers have extensive use in buildings of many shapes sizes capacities.

Today old systems are being replaced with high-efficiency boilers that are modulating or multiple boilers that can modulate and cycle on and off thus providing much redundancy.

Industrial Boiler Plant

New construction demands 95% efficiency, especially with LEED building specifications.

Boiler systems are also piped in tandem with Heat Pump systems for supplemental heat.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems have worked their way into commercial, institutional and industrial systems the past few years.

The energy efficiency and adaptability have brought heat pump systems to the forefront of mechanical building design.

These systems can extract heat from the air, ground source water, heat pump loops, even grey/wastewater effluent.

Modulating water flows and module designs can provide varying capacities and flexibilities for buildings of varying demands.

Heat pump systems can provide simultaneous heating and cooling at the same time thus recycling heat immediately in cooling to heating transition.

Specialists in Hydronic Systems

Many Vancouver and Burnaby, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Contractors provide the capabilities to install and service many types of hydronic systems.

One of Vancouver’s premier contractors to install and service Hydronics is Allied Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Ltd.

Allied Plumbing can provide the equipment, such as Viessmann or many other brands of Heat Pumps and Chiller systems.

There are many mechanical engineer consultants in the Greater Vancouver region that can help you design a reliable, energy-efficient heating system for your building that will be up to 2019 Building code and LEED Efficient.

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